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To recall the right feeling, that is what it’s all about in my experience of the profession.

Govert de Roos is a people’s photographer. Therefor it’s not surprising that many national and international celebraties where in front of his camera during the last 35 years.

The audience regularly call him the founder and most known member of the Dutch glamourphotography.

 However: the love for his profession and for the individual in particular are number one. Within the highest tecnical demands that he sets there always needs to be space for the human relationship. His images have to live and tell a story. The creative assignment is central. Next to his work for magazines, books, international advertising campagnes, cd-covers, theater- and filmposters, he spends a lot of his time on free work: the images he wants to make for himself, also without a model.
He is inspired by things he sees in the streets, in nature or in a meeting and sometimes just by coincidence. 
That way he is always looking for that magical moment: the almost 3-dimensional image.