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Govert de Roos - Autobiography

At a young age, Govert de Roos (Amsterdam, 1953) developed his passion for photography. It all began with his love for pop music and the challenge to get to the front row during live concerts of various music artists to shoot some great photographs. Now and then he made a sharp image. At home he enjoys the magic in the dark room.

At the age of fifteen he managed to sneak into the Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam with a fake ID badge to take photos of John Lennon and Yoko Ono during their bed in for peace.

In 1969 he met Nico van der Stam, a portrait photographer. He taught Govert the real profession of photography. As Nico van der Stam’s assistant, he had the opportunity to arrange his own sessions with famous Dutch people, international and national pop stars. In his first year he managed to make two LP covers.

In 1972 Govert made a switch to pop photographer Claude Vanheye. He was even closer to the music world. Govert is an admirer of his work, and now had the opportunity to develop his own photography. Authorized by Claude Vanheye, Goverts work appeared in a lot of music magazines.

These days, his work is historical.

After three years it started to show that he was ready to begin as a professional photographer under his own name.

In July 1975 Govert started his own little studio in a delightful area in a garage in the centre of Amsterdam. He stayed there for over 30 years!

In 1982
Paul Huf and Govert de Roos started a unique concept. Because of the absence of Dutch photography in museums, they began to arrange a photo collection named Dutch Photography with a view in the future. After ten years of perseverance and conviction of their idea, they got rewarded in 1991 with a première of a photo collection, existing of 164 photos of 164 photographers named ‘ Het beslissende moment’ at the Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam.

Govert works for all kinds of magazines, and besides that he photographs a lot for LP and CD covers where he can lose himself in creativity. He develops his ability to portrait people and he understands the art of everybody’s beautiful side in his own way of lighting. Always different, but at the same time recognizable as a de Roos. Because of this, his name relies on entertainment photography.

Though Glitter and Glamour surrounds him, that is not what he is looking for. Govert wants to break through the myth that a beautiful outside of a person will make that person more self confident which in return will make the person work harder.

He is very active inside the world of music, theater and film at the moment.

His free work plays a bigger part than it used to do, and that shows in the many exhibitions. He enjoys the freedom, his own ideas and experience to combine them all for that one look full of passion.